Out of the Boat

I have been thinking of the story of Peter and his attempt to walk to Jesus.  No biggie, except the scenario was happening on water.  I have heard Peter criticized for not making it to Jesus.  He sees Jesus and says, “Hey, I want to come to you,” and Jesus says, “C’mon!”

So Peter climbs out of the boat onto the water, and starts moving toward Jesus.  Then he looks down is realizes, “Hey, I’m walking on water,” and down he goes.

So here is what gets me.  Why look at Peter and say he looked away and didn’t have enough faith.  I know it’s because Jesus says to him, “Oh ye of little faith,” as he is pulling him out of the water, and you can’t argue with the fact that he didn’t make it to his destination because he lost focus but thing is that he was the only one who got out of the boat!

I imagine the scenario.  It’s dark.  The boat is being tossed around on rather unfriendly waves, and suddenly the moon shines on the water and there is a figure walking on the water towards them.  I don’t know about you, but that is pretty creepy!

So they realize it is Jesus and Peter say, “I want to come to you,” and so he climbs out of the boat and goes for it while the rest of the group crouches in the boat.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I have rather often stayed in the boat, and I have always admired Peter for going for it.  He had a tendency to do that, and rather often paid the price, but I think it so interesting that Jesus didn’t try to change that about him.  He just tempered it.  Peter went on the be huge in the world of Gospel spreading.

So here is what I take away from this story every time I read it…

Get. Out. Of. The. Boat.

Get out of the boat.

Test your faith.  Explore it.  Embrace it.  But don’t let anyone define for you how much you have to have before you can walk to Jesus.  Because He will always catch you.  His hands never slip when they grasp you. And this world has enough people just sitting in the boat watching.

Let’s go walk on some water.


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