Blessed Is She



Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!

Luke 1:45

Here is what is cool about this quote…it could be spoken from three perspectives.

The story of Elizabeth and Zechariah begins in Luke 1.  Picture it, Zechariah finally gets his opportunity to do the thing he has been trained to do-to go in and stir the incense in the Holy Place in the Temple.  The scripture says he was an old man, as Elizabeth was an old woman.  There were so many priests that were trained to do this act that Zechariah most likely got only one shot in a life time of preparation and waiting.  He goes in, and low and behold the Angel Gabriel is standing there to deliver a message.

Gabriel tells Zechariah that he and Elizabeth are going to have a baby, and not just any baby.  We know the impact John the Baptist had on the world with his life.  And Zechariah is told by Gabriel that John can never take anything into his body that alters his functioning state because John is going to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  I am guessing that being so filled will cause him to exhibit behavior that will make him look drunk.  Interesting, eh?

So Zechariah says, “Are you sure?  Cuz I’m old and so is Elizabeth.”  I wonder if Gabriel was surprised at Zechariah’s response.  I mean here is the Angel that “stands in the presence of God,” taking time out from doing so to be sent to give this message, and this little old man is questioning his message.  So Gabriel tells Zechariah he won’t be able to speak until the baby is born.

That’ll fix him.  And I wonder why God has not done so with me.  I have questioned his instructions so many times I can’t count them.  The arrogance in questioning an angel with a message from God was dealt with in silence.  What about my arrogance?

And we come to another detail in the story I find fascinating.  I very seriously doubt that the prayer to have a child was on either Zechariah’s or Elizabeth’s lips that day.  I mean that ship had sailed, right?  They were old.  And that is rather confirmed when Zechariah questioned Gabriel.  So what does that tell you?

I don’t know about you, but that tells me that God does not forget our prayers.  And only He is capable of answering them at the right time, even if we have given up, or physical realities dictate different.

There is so much more in this story that is beautiful and profound.  But I want to jump ahead to Mary who, pregnant with Jesus, visits Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s child jumps in the womb when he encounters the presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb.  I love that.  It’s amazing to think of what that moment must have been like.

And then we get to the scripture I quoted at the beginning of this post.  “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.”  We know from the scripture that it is Mary Elizabeth is talking about.  At least it seems that way when you read it, but maybe Elizabeth was talking about herself.  Read it again with that perspective in mind.  Then it becomes a testimony doesn’t it?

And then there is one more perspective from which to look at this verse.

When I got to this page in my Bible, there is a little notation next to this verse I wrote far enough back I can’t remember doing it.  It says, “That’s me!”

So let’s look at it as a promise for us.  “Blessed is (your name) who has believed that what the Lord has said to (your name) will be accomplished.”

I will be chewing on this verse this week.  I have been warned about a stronghold of discouragement that is so easily implemented as a way of seeing life, and make no mistake- it is of the devil.  I struggle with the three D’s, Despair, Discouragement, Disillusionment on a daily basis because I have mental illness that has me on a natural course of life that resembles the visual landscape of a Tim Burton movie.  So the danger of the devil getting me to buy into a stronghold in one of these areas is very real.

I am struggling in a job that does not fulfill me intellectually, and that is something I am mourning on a daily basis.  For now, the doors continue to close on other options.  So what does that mean?  I know within myself, I am not able to affect something I am not encountering to my core.  A wrestler trained to go to ground with tactics will not do well in a boxing match, and that is pretty much my daily encounter.  So, I am asking over and over, “Is today the day, Abba?”

The bottom line, though, is that if He needs me to box when I’m trained specifically to wrestle, I will do it.  I am doing it, and I’m just praying His grace covers all my shortcomings, for they are many.  And I look at this story and I know He still has my prayer; the one I prayed to do the passion of my heart.  And I know that I am blessed when I believe that what He promises me, He WILL work in my life.  It may be a day when I am not even thinking about it.  I may be a day when I have given up on that prayer ever being answered.

Do you believe that what He promise, He will fulfill?  “Blessed is she who believes that what the Lord says to her will be accomplished!”


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